Meet Michael Daley

My wife Christina and I talk about our kids. Like every parent in NSW, we want them to have the best start in life by getting the best possible education.

As the grandson of a Kempsey dairy farmer, I understand the importance of investing in both our regions, and our suburbs.

My first job was delivering newspapers in Maroubra. I was that kid who blew the whistle and woke you up on Sunday mornings to deliver your Daily Mirror. 

In my twenties, I inspected ships for customs at Port Botany while studying law at night. 

Today, I am the Leader of the Labor Party in New South Wales.

A Government I lead

A Government I lead will be built on four pillars:

World class health and education system
Scrapping the wasteful 2.2 billion spend on stadiums to save TAFE, and giving our kids the very best in life through investment in schools and hospitals.

Easing the cost of living 
Like lifting the horrendous slug on western Sydney motorists and bringing down energy bills through regulation and through the growth of a local renewable energy sector.

Jobs for the suburbs, and jobs for the regions
A Labor Government will invest in quality NSW jobs rather than sending them offshore. 

Stopping over-development
Our suburbs are buckling under the pressure of a Government under the thumb developers. There are parts of Sydney that bear more of the burden than others. A Daley Labor Government will fix the planning laws to make our beautiful communities more liveable.

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